Author: David Walters

Oh, Mary!

Cole Escola is effulgence (a state of being bright and radiant; splendor, brilliance) in their writing, acting, singing, and dancing. If you know any of their other work, it’s possible to see the progression that has brought Oh, Mary! to the stage.

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Split Lip

Taking audio bits from over 40 film and television DID references that have been spliced together for a storyline, in Split Lip Ginava meticulously lip-syncs the words, going in and out of the many personalities. What this technique gives to the performance is an out-of-body (or it could be deep from the gates of hell inner-body) feeling to what the audience is watching. It is very effective and quite unsettling.

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Wounded touches on many themes, but the strongest, that just because your gay doesn’t mean it’s okay that you’re raped, is the linchpin that leads them both to their impasse with each other and an ending that leaves its characters still stuck in high school. 

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