Author: Donna Herman


VOTES, a musical by Jacqueline S. Salit and Fred Newman, composed by Annie Roboff at the Castillo Theater is set on election eve in 2016 in a hotel room where we find the female candidate for president, Melanie Jefferson (Lisa Ann Wright-Mathews) in the lead as she waits for the polls to close. I have to admit, the premise gave me tingles…..

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Head of Passes

HEAD OF PASSES by MacArthur Genius Grant winning playwright Terrell Alvin McCraney opens at The Public Theater starring Phylicia Rashad, directed by Tina Landau. Is the third time a charm for the NY debut of this play previously seen in Chicago and Berkeley? Or should this talented team give up hope of a run to glory with this vehicle and start working on something that will keep both fans and critics cheering?

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