Author: Donna Herman

The Price of Thomas Scott

While there’s nothing terribly wrong with The Mint Theater Company’s current production of forgotten playwright Elizabeth Baker’s “The Price of Thomas Scott,” there’s nothing particularly compelling about it either.  It has a couple of very good performances, excellent period costumes, and a conflict around an issue that has no relevancy in today’s world.

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The Light

“The Light” is the full package – great writing, superb acting, sensitive direction, excellent production values and timely, relevant subject matter presented with honesty, humor, dignity, passion and love. A powerful and affecting combination.

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Written and performed by The Kilbanes, a self-styled “theatrical rock group” out of San Francisco, “Weightless” is part theater, part concert and completely electrifying.

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Evolution of a Sonero

Like salsa music, Flaco Navaja was born and raised in New York City, his roots in Puerto Rico, salsa’s too, with an added heavy dose of genetics from Cuba, other Latin American countries and Africa.  In Navaja’s autobiographical, one man with a band show, “Evolution of a Sonero,” we discover that they were destined for each other. Salsa, Navaja, The Bronx, Hip Hop, Janis Joplin, Charlie Chaplin, poetry slams and Viet Nam.  “Evolution of a Sonero” is a boiling, bubbling stew that puts out a tantalizing aroma that will have you dancing in your seat, laughing, groaning, humming, and clapping.

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Hear Word! Naija Women Talk True

“Hear Word! Naija Women Talk True” is a brutally honest look at the issues affecting Nigerian women across all levels of society that spares no punches. But it manages to be both incendiary and inspirational, joyous and heartbreaking yet in the end, triumphant. It is infused with the indomitable life force that gave rise to mankind – for good or ill. And while there’s no mistaking that Fafunwa is specifically writing about women in Nigeria, it is impossible for it not to reverberate with women all over the globe.

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