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The Birds

“The Birds” by Conor McPherson is based on the 1952 Daphne du Maurier short story of the same name, on which the famed 1963 Hitchcock film was also based. The du Maurier short story is set in a small town in Cornwall, England but both adaptations are set in America. McPherson sticks most closely to the du Maurier story and sets his play in a small New England farm town. However, this production of Conor McPherson’s 2009 play “The Birds” by Toronto-based Birdland Theater is where the rubber meets the road.

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Bears In Space

You really can’t get too over-analytical about “Bears In Space.” It’s a razor-sharp romp, a leave-your-grumpy-day-at-the-door good time, that doesn’t take itself too seriously but is excitingly professional, crisp and grown up without being idiotic or slapstick. Nor do you have to worry about taking grandma or junior. There’s no sex or violence although there’s a little sweet G-rated romance and a couple of scary dudes who won’t give you nightmares. Nor is there any bad language. Only smart, witty, fast-paced, nuanced dialog that you need to listen to carefully in order to wring every drop of humor and cultural reference from.

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As You Like It

There is a lot of heart and a lot of talent on display at Bryant Park in the Drilling Company/Shakespeare in the Parking Lot production of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”. While it doesn’t completely overcome the obstacles that the company faces in producing a play outside in the middle of the noisy city, in the middle of a heat wave, on a miniscule budget, it kept the large audience on their blankets and hard folding chairs. Only one or two suited and sweating businesspeople who came straight from work, succumbed from the heat and left before the show was over. The rest of the incredibly diverse crowd of old and young, teenagers and grandmothers, students and office workers, stayed attentive and seated through the two and a quarter hour performance with no intermission.

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Motown: The Musical

It’s called “Motown: The Musical” but it’s really the Berry Gordy show. He wrote the book, he produced it and it’s about his life. Gordy is also credited with writing three original songs for the musical. However, the title is apt – the real star of the show, and the reason the seats are filled every night, is the 57 Motown songs the incredibly talented cast belt out. Is this the way it all went down? If you got all these people in a room together would they tell the same story? I doubt it. This is one man’s version. But I am more than happy that he chose to bring this one to the stage. I am grateful that he started Motown Records and did what he did. This is the music of the soundtrack of my life, I think it’s some of the best popular music ever written and it’s presented incredibly well here. You’d have to be a curmudgeon of the highest order not to enjoy this show. And if that’s who you are, you’re not going to a musical anyway.

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If you’re looking for easy answers to hard questions, “Good” probably isn’t going to be your cup of tea. C.P. Taylor takes on the task of showing us how it’s possible for a decent, honorable human being can turn into a Nazi – the most recognizably evil symbol of our time. I went looking for something I thought I would at least recognize when I saw. It turns out out that the devil doesn’t necessarily wear red and carry a pitchfork, and I may not be as discerning as I thought I was. I’m actually glad I found that out now.

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