Author: Daniel Dunlow


I knew nothing about the play when I sat down in my seat, however I was glued by moment one. For the first time this season, I was grabbing my date’s leg in anxiety for the characters. The entire audience was strapped in, and taken on a roller-coaster that, regardless of the ending, the journey was the beauty of it. Run to see this play that is enormously brave and masterfully produced.

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The Woodsman

Brave, courageous, and full of heart. There’s no play like The Woodsman. There’s no play like The Woodsman. There’s no play like “The Woodsman”. See this once-in-a-lifetime theatrical experience.

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Once Upon A Mattress

This production’s fearlessness to be exactly what it is and not to try to be anything that it is not is what led it to its pure, simple two-and-a-half hours of nostalgic theatre. It’s got laughs, dances, drag-queens, facial contortion, sex jokes, and the heart of a child.

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This show is delightfully entertaining, but it ironically lacks sustenance or the meat and potatoes of the theatre. It the kind of theatre that lacks a thesis, and if you’ll pardon the pun, with such a heavy topic as the socially-relevant childhood obesity in America, how can you fail to take a stance on it.

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