Author: Constance Rodgers

Encore! Off-Center’s Promenade

Promenade was originally produced in 1965 for Judson Poet’s Theatre at Judson Memorial Church (JMC). JMC had and has an art ministry whose credo was and is “no censorship.” JMC was a leader and a beacon for the counter-culture of the 1960’s, particularly for experimental, avant-garde theatre performers.

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Are you afraid the earth is being decimated by human’s selfish and frivolous use and abuse of resources, and fossil fuels? Do you ever want to do something about it besides recycle? Are you so passionate about climate change that you have fantasized acts of eco-terrorism? Then spend a mere $35 and see Manhattan Theatre Club’s thought provoking production, Continuity. You may leave with a new persepctive on this vital and timely issue.

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All Roads Lead to the Kurski Station

All Roads Lead to the Kurski Station could serve as a cautionary tale about alcohol abuse and is at its best when it plays with Vienya’s, and Russia’s, impressive alcohol use. Everything that happens to Vienya is in his mind, sometimes during the process of getting wasted, sometimes while passed out, sometimes hungover. There is nothing delusional or pretty about Vienya’s hallucinations

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