Author: Constance Rodgers

A Cocktail Party Social Experiment

A parlor game with an audience. The evening is really a pitch for the yet to be produced board game of the same name. That’s fine and I can see how the board game could be fun and maybe a little scary if played at home. But to watch it played by volunteers that may not have a lot of personality or enough experience to have very much of interest to say – not very compelling. In order for the game itself to work better I think the prompts and questions have to relate more specifically to the themes picked. For the evening to work better I think the participants have to be of various ages and the cocktails more original, tastier and stronger.

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Brecht: Call and Respond

If you have never seen Brecht’s The Jewish Wife, which I had not, make this the time you go. It is a poignant story as expected from Brecht. The other two one-acts are intelligent and positioned. The acting is excellent.
Worth the ticket price of $25.

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The Young Man from Atlanta

It is 1950 Texas. There is no gay rights movement, no #ME TOO, no women’s movement. Lily Dale calls her husband Daddy and blames Eleanor Roosevelt for a sick-out staged by the black maids of Houston, but we love her anyway.

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