Author: Constance Rodgers

The Young Man from Atlanta

It is 1950 Texas. There is no gay rights movement, no #ME TOO, no women’s movement. Lily Dale calls her husband Daddy and blames Eleanor Roosevelt for a sick-out staged by the black maids of Houston, but we love her anyway.

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LOVE, NOЁL The Songs and Letters of Noёl Coward

The prolific dandy Noёl Coward was dubbed The Master, though as Coward himself says, he was more a “jack of all trades than a master of one.” We enter the intimate space of the W. Scott McLucas Studio at the Irish Repertory Theatre to James Morgan’s elegant royal blue stage design and, LOVE, NOЁL The Songs and Letters of Noёl Coward, has begun. The focal point of the salon like set is a bust of this modern man, from a different century, holding court upstage as expressionless as he was in real life.

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