Author: Constance Rodgers

All Roads Lead to the Kurski Station

All Roads Lead to the Kurski Station could serve as a cautionary tale about alcohol abuse and is at its best when it plays with Vienya’s, and Russia’s, impressive alcohol use. Everything that happens to Vienya is in his mind, sometimes during the process of getting wasted, sometimes while passed out, sometimes hungover. There is nothing delusional or pretty about Vienya’s hallucinations

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Edward Albee’s AT HOME AT THE ZOO: Homelife & The Zoo Story

In 2001 Edward Albee wrote the drawing room one act play, Homelife, as an opening to, The Zoo Story, his 1958 brutal one act classic. Seeing The Zoo Story on it’s own you wonder why does Peter, an upper middle class publisher, husband and father stay in the park and interact with Jerry, a disenfranchised, loner and boarding house occupant. Homelife supplies the answer.

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