Author: Brittany Crowell


The Civilian’s WHISPER HOUSE is a short and sweet look at acceptance in all its forms.  It’s running at 59E59 through February 6 and worth catching if you are able to.

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plays perfectly into the dichotomy that comes along with any relationship or contemplation of singledom and brings the audience on a journey of all the sorrow, gratitude, regret, and happiness that a relationship can bring.

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Nollywood Dreams, Jocelyn Bioh’s new piece about an aspiring Nigerian acress isn’t trying to do too much, but that is the beauty of the piece. It is enjoyable, aware, funny, and simple. 

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Peter Gnit, the title character in Will Eno’s Gnit at Theatre For A New Audience this November is searching for his “true self.”  Along the way he travels far and encounters many, but also leaves much behind.  An absurd and dry piece, this modern retelling of Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt showcases wry humor, transformative performances, and deep heart.

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