Author: Brittany Crowell


I left the piece wishing for more, wanting the characters to grow or change from their experience, to learn something.  I appreciated Chowdhury’s desire to provide the audience screenshots from a visit, but wish that he would have adjusted the aperture to pose deeper questions.  

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TERCE is a ritual which the audience is invited into. It’s an evolving and growing practice that believe that, through the rigor and work of asking the same question each day in an earnest and real manner, and through inviting new members of the community to bear witness, we can each find more of the Divine Feminine, the caretaker, mother, generator, creator in ourselves.

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School Pictures is at once entertaining, educational, thought provoking, vulnerable, hilarious, sentimental, and heart-warming.  It reaches you on an extremely human level, and on a political one. It gives you hope for humanity while exposing the privilege and racism within its education system.  It is only running through December 10th.  Run (don’t walk) to get your tickets, before it’s too late!

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Translation’s message rings true on both a personal and a more global level. It explores how we connect with each other and what we choose to keep and value of myth, legend, history and culture and that which we choose to leave behind; feeling particularly ominous at a time when the world is contending more closely than ever with the ideas of cultural erasure and oppressive colonialism.

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The Gardens of Anuncia is a wonderfully magical and heartfelt piece.  As Anuncia tends to her garden with soil and water and nourishment, she is also tending to the audience by refilling our cup with beloved memories and tales that teach us too to be strong, stand up for our beliefs, follow our dreams, and give love (and thanks) to those who uplift us.

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