Author: Austin Yang

Felix Starro

Ultimately, Felix Starro’s strongest aspect is the shared cultural heritage of its collaborators. Though at times two-dimensionally, Felix Starro offers an authentic portrayal of its Filipino characters, and its culturally rooted setting. This is made possible only with its almost entirely Filipino-American ensemble and production staff. It’s important not to forget that this kind of representation, even in New York theatre, is unprecedented,

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Public Works’ Hercules

THIS is how you adapt a work. Public Works asked not how to translate Hercules to a new medium, instead deciding to take the roots of a beloved work and create something else. The show’s message of unity and humanity is perfectly married with its execution. Kristoffer Diaz’s new script eschews the “born-to-be-special” hero trope for a well-placed message about community engagement, with modern solutions to face modern problems.

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Midsummer: A Banquet

An immersive staging of the Shakespeare comedy with a five-course tasting menu. Storytelling for and with at least five of the senses. A Midsummer Night’s Dream in every sense of the expression.

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