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Cindy Marinangel brings both an actor’s and an improviser’s sensibility to her portrayal. Indeed, she is a member of the Actors Studio and a Chicago Second City Conservatory graduate.  Dressed in a partially open silk robe with stockings and a garter belt, through Ms. Marinangel we feel Marlene’s sexuality and psychological foibles.

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Formerly titled, “Marlene,” the show has been retitled “Dietrich.”  It is a fascinating look into the life of movie legend Marlene Dietrich.

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Come From Away

Come From Away is a show that is greater than the sum of its parts.  The script is iffy.  The music is not exceptional.  The sound is so loud that the lyrics are often unintelligible.  The spirit that is on that stage, however, sweeps all that aside and scoops everyone in the audience up into its arms.  The talent, it should be noted is not iffy one little bit.  Not only are they skilled actors with voices that rock, THEY LOOK LIKE US.  These are not stereotypes. There is not a beauty queen, swarthy leading man, or crotchety elder among them.  Perhaps that is because this is a true story – or perhaps it is because somebody cared.  This is, after all, the story of what happened to us all on 9/11.  No one who sees this show was untouched by that day.  And no one will leave untouched by this show.

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