By David Walters

It starts off with a small cup of tomato soup (with or without crouton) in the lovely bar lobby of Asylum NYC, 123 East 24th Street, surrounded by paintings of other bowls of soup in greens, yellows, and browns.

You’re there for the show David and Katie Get Re-Married and the show began as soon as you walked in the door from the street.

After the house opens and you take a seat in the nicely appointed theater space, you begin to realize that you’ve walked into an event, not just a show. And that event is the celebration of the relationship of Katie and David that has transcended many life times and is playing out in front of you.

Having told Asylum NYC they were actors doing a show (in order to get a reduced rate from what the fee would be if they said they were having a wedding), Katie and David begin to share with us in story and song the history of their coming together from when David took Katie to a Halloween party in their college days and they won best dressed couple as Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat. With the mantra, “If you’re not fighting, you’re not really in love,” they insult and take umbridge, lash out and come back together like unstoppable magnets that is both entertaining and cringy-rubber-necking-while-looking-at-the-mangled-wreck-on-the-side-of-the-road worthy in this roller-coaster of a ride. “Why would you love something that could hurt you,” is the theme of their exploring the fiery passions of their personalities that is gasoline to an open flame. And what comes through the fiery blaze of a relationship is that they both do not have a choice in the matter. They tell the story that when they split for three months and both found peace without the other, a chance meeting at a Taco Bell (the caterer to their lives) blew that ship out of the water as they crashed together again thrusting them back into the stormy sea of their lives.

It’s an intimate and funny reveal of imagined reality that touches anyone who has ever been in a relationship. First date night? You’ll both enjoy it, will become warned about what’s to come, and may have a chance to dance together on stage. Been together for 35-years? You’ll laugh and the places you’ve both been in your relationship, and cheer in the places where you both thankfully realize you skipped.

It all ends with a piece of cake (chocolate or lemon poppy seed, your choice) back in the lobby in celebration of a relationship and union that has stood and withstood the tsunamis of time and past lives, leaving you with a fond smile on your face and ready to tackle whatever life is ready to dish out to you. It can’t be as bad as what you’ve just witnessed. Congrats David and Katie!

David and Katie Get Re-Married written and performed by David Carl and Katie Hartman. Directed by Michole Biancosino. Music Directon by Jody Shelton.

Set Design by Chen-Wei Liao. Costume Design by Jake Poser

Running time: 90 minutes of fun.  THrough Aaugust 22.

Tickets can be purchased here.