By Edward Kliszus

NEW YORK – The American Relics at Chelsea Table + Stage

Band leader John Gitano and his band assembled on stage before a packed house in the marvelous Chelsea Table + Stage. Wondering about the billing of “American Relics,” with the opening performance of Ticket to Ride of Beatles and Carpenter’s fame, I quickly discovered that the band embodied the spirit of the late 1960s. Alongside Gitano were band mates who shared his passion for the era’s music and style.

Psychedelic Experimentation

The band’s sound presented a phantasmagoria of influences from the late 1960s, blending the raw energy of garage rock with the sensibilities of pop and the psychedelic experimentation of the era. I noted the modal shifts of Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes as The American Relics drifted into the Rolling Stones’ Gimme Shelter. Gitano and company understand the iconic bands and sounds of the time while infusing their own compositions with the same infectious grooves and catchy hooks.

The American Relics peform for a packed house at Chelsea Table + Stage. Photo by Edward Kliszus

The American Relics perform for a packed house at Chelsea Table + Stage. Photo by Edward Kliszus

Nostalgia and Exhilaration

The show was an immersive experience, transporting audiences back to the heyday of flower power and free love. Their performance of Hush of Deep Purple fame used the classic lead guitar sound, rock riffs, solid bass, and edgy vocals to create an atmosphere of nostalgia and exhilaration. Gitano commanded the stage with boundless energy, his voice echoing the spirit of rebellious youth. Many listeners could not stay seated, dancing in front of the bandstand. All that was missing was the iconic 1969 Woodstock Flame On! that launched candle and lighter waving at live concerts.

Electrifying Covers

While the band paid homage to the classics with electrifying covers of iconic hits, they did not merely mimic the past. They’re on a mission to keep the spirit of the 1960s alive by writing original songs that capture the era’s essence. Their lyrics speak of love, revolution, and the search for meaning in a turbulent world, echoing the sentiments of a generation that dared to challenge the status quo. In the song My Impala, Gitano blends the feelings of the 60s with echoes of the 80s, driving rhythms, and synth sounds of the famed Yamaha Dx 7. Do you remember Kenny Loggins’s Danger Zone?

Swirling Guitars and Hypnotic Rhythms

The band led listeners through a journey of swirling guitars and hypnotic rhythms, channeling the protest anthems of the era with their defiant lyrics and infectious choruses. Each song was a sonic time capsule, offering a glimpse into a bygone era while remaining relevant to modern audiences.

L-R Patty Jarman, John Gitano and Adrian Duggar with The American Relics on stage at Chelsea Table + Stage. Photo by Edward Kliszus

L-R Patty Jarman, John Gitano, and Adrian Duggar with The American Relics on stage at Chelsea Table + Stage. Photo by Edward Kliszus

Torchbearers of a Musical Revolution

The American Relics isn’t just a tribute band to inspire baby boomers. The audience represented multiple generations, clearly paying tribute to tonight’s torchbearers of a musical revolution that continues to inspire generations.

The American Relics at Chelsea Table + Stage

John Gitano – Lead singer, guitarist, and principal songwriter
Neal Lazar – Guitar
Adrian Duggar, Singer and Opera Star
Nelson Montana, Bass
Patty Jarman, Guitar

Chelsea Table + Stage

152 West 26th Street (bet 6th and 7th Avenues)
(Hilton Fashion District Hotel)
New York, NY 10001
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