By Nicole Itkin

Clown Bar 2 is not for you if you’re scared of clowns. Do not go if you’re scared of clowns. If you’re not scared, though, the circus doors are wide open. 

I wouldn’t call this a show as much as I would a takeover of a bar by clowns, The Clowns. 

There’s a story-line somewhere: a murderered clown, cops going undercover in the clown life, a whole hell of a lot more murdered clowns in the process of trying to find who killed the first clown. It’s not a horrible plot, it’s not an amazing plot. But that’s not the point. This show isn’t about the STORY! Not at all! 

Clown Bar 2 is a show that dares you to try to look away. (Literally. Try to find somewhere to look where there isn’t a clown!) There’s a clown playing the piano and singing. There’s a clown dragging away fellow clowns with a hook bigger than her. There’s a clown cowering behind a bar. 

The. Clowns. Are. Everywhere. 

This show is loud and fun and bright, especially after a drink or two. Don’t go expecting nuance. Go expecting something big, something bright. Go expecting something. No one can deny that this show is something.  

What’s really incredible about this show is what it says about theater: it really is just a bunch of people taking over a space. Here, it happens to be a bar. And clowns. And hey, it works. 

Go grab a drink. Find a clown to stare down. It’ll stare back (trust me).

Clown Bar 2
Presented by SparkPlug Productions – New York, NY
Written by Adam Szymkowicz, Directed by Andrew Block

Return to the scene of the crime for the highly-anticipated NYC premiere of CLOWN BAR 2, follow-up to the hit noir-thriller-comedy-NYT Critic’s Pick by Adam Szymkowicz. There’s been a murder at Clown Bar. Grab a drink and a seltzer-gun and follow two cops undercover to crack the case as you immerse yourself in the clown crime underworld at Parkside Lounge

Remaining dates: Sat 4/20 at 3pm & 7:30pm & Sun 4/21 at 3pm at Parkside Lounge

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