By David Walters

Join a cult, make new friends, solve puzzles, participate in a rebellion, all while having high tea. What a wonderful way to spend a few hours of a weekend.

After descending the stairs (or elevator) of the eclectic event space Caveat, you’ll be assigned to a communal table (place settings for about 70 people) of either four or six other inductees (which you’ve become by your attendance), elaborately set with white table cloths and delicate mis-matched plates and tea cups. Each group must collectively solve visual and thought puzzles in order to summon forth each of the four courses of tea, finger sandwiches, scones, and dessert.

Welcome to The Order, The Order of the Golden Scribe, an interactive, participatory, four-course dining experience that is delectable in all its connotations. If you’re a fan of interactive theatrical events, or if you’ve never had the pleasure to experience one before, this is a good one as your participation is important to how good of a time you’ll have.

The Order of the Golden Scribe origins date back to pre-history you’ll learn as you begin your journey deciphering a letter from “The Father of History,” the Greek historian Herodotis.  Their goal is to bring unity to the world and all mankind under the moniker: “From many pens, one vision, one story.”

The puzzle solving is also correlated with it being part of the assembled’s initiation to The Order and this event is the swearing in ceremony for inductees, but beware, “All is not well in the state of Denmark.” You’re in safe hands though; you’ll be guided on your journey by fellow members of The Order and your interaction with them will enhance your experience as you discover your place as a new conscript.

It’s a high time at high tea.


The Order of the Golden Scribe was created by Shuai Chen and Arlo Howard, directed by Arlo Howard.

Game facilitators: Max Henry, Sarah Sutliff, Ella Raymont, Quinlin Pozner, McKenna Parsons, Brian Alford, and Lauren Kneteman.

Dining facilitators: Julia Darden, Alex Johnson, Louella Estillero, Nick Petrelli, Nell Quinn-Gibney, and Ali Mark.

Performances are Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00am through March 30. Caveat is located at 21A Clinton Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Tickets are $125.00 for general admission with VIP ticketing options available as well as adjusted pricing. Run time is 2-3 hours depending on your involvement. The venue is ADA accessible. Patrons with dietary restrictions: Common food allergies (gluten, dairy, nuts) are accommodated. More information and tickets are available at

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