By Tulis McCall

You only have FOUR more chances to see this remarkable piece.  So stop what you are doing and get yourself a ticket NOW.

Women On Fire: Fair is Foul is a wild swing of a show.  One woman after another takes the stage (along with four extraordinary dancers) and I DO mean “takes the stage.” This is a stunning ensemble, ranging in age from 9 to almost 80 – most of whom you won’t know but you should.  Kathleen Chalfant and Mary Testa lead the pack, depending on other work schedules.  The other actors are every bit their match in terms of skill and spirit.  In addition there are four dancers who are so astonishing that at times you do not notice they are there.  They connect all the pieces by their witnessing and their glorious execution thanks to the choreography of Lorna Ventura.

Each woman reflects and reports in on, well, everything.  From the state of the world – which according to many is not good.  According to others,  however, Trump is the man and everyone should all welcome the day that he might return and save us all from ourselves.  See what I mean about a wild swing?

Another remembers voting for the movie star (Regan) and not the peanut farmer (Carter) and regretting that decision as the years rolled out.  And of course there is the woman who had a dream about Hillary winning and rattles off Clinton’s CV – the enormity of it will make  your head explode.  How is it this woman never became our president???

One woman reflects on “The Handmaid’s Tale,” and the fact that we are drifting into the “everything is normal” when it is not normal at all.  Women are being systematically stripped of rights everywhere we look.  And some of us are looking at it as normal or even as a good idea.

One woman wonders what do we do about Bill Cosby?  She grew up with that family.  She cannot un-remember the gifts that she pulled from the Huxtables.

A woman from Lewiston Maine always felt safe, until the shooting.  Another woman is a 4th grade teacher whose teaching is secondary to protecting her kids.

There is not a lot to laugh at here – but these women mine each nugget for the gold.  And when there is an opportunity for a laugh they dive in and take us along for the ride.

There are secrets being spilled here.  These are the stories women tell each other in private.  In this production Chris Henry and Lorna Ventura  have pulled the women and every one of their stories out into the light.  Where they belong.

Get there!  You will be challenged and uplifted.  Which is what theatre is all about.

WOMEN ON FIRE: Fair is Foul – by Chris Henry; Directed by Chris Henry and Lorna Ventura; Choreography by Lorna Venture

Featuring a rotating cast of Gina Naomi Baez, Kathleen Chalfant, Charlotte Cohn, Maddie Corman, Linedy Genao, Julie Halston, Ann Harada, Melissa Leo, Kristolyn Lloyd, Julia Macchio, Lois Robbins, Dale Soules, Constance Shulman, Lianah Sta. Ana, Mary Testa, Desi Waters, and Emmaline Gioia

With Dancers Emily Anne Davis, Kayla Hsu, Madison McLean, and Lily Sledge

Through January 29 TICKETS: Royal Family Performing arts Space