By David Walters

It’s a Motherf**king Pleasure to see this show.

Currently playing at SoHo Playhouse (15 Vandam St.) as part of the 2024 International Fringe Encore Series is an audacious must-see show created and performed by an English based company called FlawBored called, yes, It’s a Motherf**king Pleasure, and it is. Having seen several shows in the Encore Series, you can’t go wrong in choosing any one of them. They are all winners assembled from different Fringe shows around the world.

Samuel Brewer, Aarian Mehrabani and Chloe Palmer are FlawBored and they invite their audience to sit down with them to tackle, through their lip-smacking belly-whacking satire, how we view and deal with all kinds of disabilities. It is crack the whip smart, in your face, and a joy.

But I warn you, their table manners are atrocious. They smear this banquet of disability and ineptitude on themselves with abandon and hurl it at the other table guests with glee. They take both The Medical and The Social Model of Disability and throw it against the wall to see if any of it’ll stick. Fortunately all of it does stick, handidly. This is a very funny show about the discriminations, slights, and faux pas of what 15% of the population deal with on a daily basis handled in a biting and brilliant way.

What makes this darkly hilarious irreverent satire about disability work is that they don’t just tread lightly on their subject matter, they stomp on it. “This show is a joke,” they say, and it is in more ways than one.

Two of FlawBored’s members are legally blind. This gives them free reign to both challenge themselves and to challenge everyone else who comes within shouting distance.

Stepping off the edge of reality they tell the story of the monetizing of disability and the promotion of the book Everyone Should Be Blind. Approaching this subject through sacasm makes it stick firmly in an audience that is roaring with laughter, clenching their stomachs as they grimace, and connecting with the material in a way that gets their message across in spades.


It’s a Motherf**king Pleasure was created by Samuel Brewer, Aarian Mehrabani, Chloe Palmer and Josh Roche. Directed by Josh Roche.

Run time is 1 hour.

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