By Kendra Jones

I’ve been meaning to attend both a Halloween show and 54 Below show but had yet to do either over the past half-decade I’ve lived in the city. The Halloween Pregame Concert at 54 Below did not disappoint, and I will be returning again and again and again.

Broadway up-and-comers belted out selections from Sweeney Todd, Little Shop of Horrors, Wicked, The Phantom of the Opera, Heathers, Beetlejuice, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, throughout the 90-minute performance. The group of over twelve performers had been prepping since July. They brought passion, fun, and unquestionably unmatched talent for a basement on a Monday night! I was captivated by the vocals and appreciated their themed–but not overwhelming–outfits that allowed attention to remain on the performers’ chemistry, technique, and choruses.

The crowd for the Halloween Pregame demonstrated it’s draw—age didn’t matter for this timeless evening. Not only was the performance itself wildly enjoyable, but experiencing this Halloween-themed evening with a British table mate visiting the city with his mother during their annual holiday trip, excitedly watching with admiration and dreams, only added to the delight of the night. Of course, the evening ended with Rocky Horror’s “Time Warp.”

As the audience was invited to join in on the dance, we readily entered the time slip, swaying in our seats, pushing our hands to our hips and jutting forward and back in our chairs. If not for the close quarters with surrounding chairs and feet, I’m sure the audience would have been jumping to the left, stepping to the right, and losing control of our bodies for a few moments.

FEATURING: Ezekiel Andrew, RJ Christian, Joshua Shea Coates, Jose Contreras, Cara Rose DiPietro, Alyssa Jaffe, Ava Jaffe, Ayra Kartal, Molly Kavanaugh, Jacob Tyler Kent, Brett Klock, Chloe Savit, Samantha Sherman, and Hannah Lauren Wilson.

Produced by Alyssa Jaffe and Ayra Kartal.