By Victoria L. Dammer

The President of Drew University, Hilary L. Link, moderated The Drew Forum Presents A Conversation with Liz Cheney on October 23 at the Mayo Performing Art Center (MPAC) in Morristown in a one-hour talk about policy, leadership, and bipartisanship.

Link gave her opening remarks about Drew University, located just a few miles from the MPAC, and touted the Liberal Arts College diversity and inclusivity among its 2200-plus students. She introduced Cheney, the former Congresswoman and House Republican Conference Chair, informing the audience of a litany of important positions Cheney had held in her formidable career. Cheney’s last name alone is powerful in the annals of the Republican party, and she brings a strong, knowledgeable voice to all subject matter she speaks about.

Cheney opened the evening’s conversation saying, “The founders of the nation have been in the forefront of my mind,” especially as she served as Vice Chair of the Select Committee investigating the January 6th event in Washington. Speaking of George Washington, Cheney said her mom told her to visit his winter headquarters down the street from the MPAC, something she didn’t have time to do on this visit but would the next time in town.

Cheney stated it saddened her that for the first time in our Republic’s history, there was not a peaceful transition of power.

Cheney pointed out the U.S. faces four enemies from abroad–China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. She stated the Biden administration needs to change its Iran policy. She also reiterated the U.S. must stand with Ukraine and Israel. Regarding the current war in the Middle East, Cheney put the fault with Hamas.

Interestingly enough, the former Republican congressional representative from Wyoming, whom many on the right consider a RINO (Republican in Name Only), was quick to point out that the Republicans have thrown away the Constitution and said what we really need is a non-Trump candidate for the 2024 race. She stated we need serious people in public office to deal with our country’s challenges.

“Don’t vote for idiots,” Cheney said, and the audience went unconstrained with applause. “We’ve reached our idiot quota.”

Cheney suggested all Americans should visit the National Archives and see the nation’s founding documents, not overlooking the words “We the People,” which are the biggest words on the U.S. Constitution for a reason. That’s where our country gathers our strength from.

Cheney reiterated we need to look at existential threats overseas and here at home, we need to teach kids what is so special about our country.

When asked about how her personal life affected her responses in the political arena, Cheney claimed that being the mother of five taught her to listen to other people, your word means something, and remain calm.

But most telling of all of Cheney’s stances was when she was asked how she felt about the two-party system after all that had gone down in the last election. She said “We need at least 2 parties for a healthy debate and willing to change.” Many citizens wonder if she will run in the 2024 Presidential race and which party she might represent. Although she didn’t give an answer, Cheney’s comments reminded us why she would be a formidable candidate in the future.

The Drew Forum Presents A Conversation With Liz Cheney, moderated by Hilary L. Link, President of Drew University. The event was sponsored by the Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation.

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