By Holli Harms

Hilarious and phenomenally inappropriate in the best of ways, this wonderful Beautyshop quartet The Kinsey Sicks, show “Drag Queen Story Time Gone Wild,” is full of rollicking laughter, and hand-clapping fun.

Beautifully rapturous, harmonic, perfect pitch, a cappella creations to tunes of well-known children’s songs, Disney films, Broadway musicals, and even Mr. Roger’s “Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood”, are all turned on their arses with clever, political, emotionally charged lyrics.

The premise of the electrifying evening is that we, the audience, are students at a Conservative Christian Elementary School in Florida, and The Kinsey Sicks are there to entertain us, doing all they can to not say the word “Gay” and certainly not to talk about sex nor gender identity, as DeSantis has outlawed all of that in public schools.

As you can imagine, with that wall in front of them, they just knock it down, saying all the words, and singing about sex and gender identity. They do it with exuberance, gusto, and rambunctious naughtiness.

The Kinsey Sicks is not afraid to call out the perpetrators in this country who have consistently and openly displayed their disdain and disgust for those who are NOT Anglo-Saxon Christians. The Kinsey Sicks does all of this with so much fun! Vulgar and poignant fun!

The Kinsey Sicks show is joyful, spreading with their humor the concepts of love and acceptance. Puff the Magic Dragon is such a lovely song and The Kinsey Sicks rendition becoming not only lovely but also moving as Puff The Magic Drag Queen. They want us to remember that “The world is so much richer when we are not all the same.” They want us to remember that shame of skin has to stop. They want us to remember that the world is a beautiful place with room for all. They want us to remember to be human.

They are advocating for tolerance and understanding through their wonderfully uproarious songs and skits.

You WILL leave Birdland smiling from ear to ear bouncing down the street with new knowledge and compassion.

BIRDLAND THEATER presents The Kinsey Sicks in “Drag Queen Storytime Gone WILD!”

The Kinsey Sicks: Spencer Brown ( Trampolina), Jeff Manabat ( Trixie), Nathan Marken ( Winnie), J.B. McLendon (Angel) lyricist Ben Schatz.

Birdland is located at 315 West 44th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues) in Manhattan. For reservations, please call (212) 581-3080 or visit

There is a $40 music charge and a $20 food and beverage minimum.