By David Walters

As Christine Andreas slowly meanders in from the back of the house taking us all in and singing most intimately to us her audience, she makes her way to the stage and begins what will become an exquisite evening with these lyrics from The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Listen to me, I have beautiful dreams I can spin you
Dreams to linger within you
Close your eyes and we’ll ride my carousel
I’ll sing you stories of lovers whose love used to fill me
And the lovers who will be
For you see, love is the one thing I do well
Come, let’s believe love can be just as sweet as it seems
Let’s live on dreams.

With that, we are in her palms to do with as she pleases. And pleases she does as she takes us through her personal and adventurous life making us feel part of who she is on this special night.

Accompanied by her Grammy-nominated husband and “love has found a way” partner in crime, Martin Silvestri, for two nights only April 18 and 19, they put together an evening entitled TWO FOR THE ROAD that covered personal highlights of their life in music, as well as the trials and tribulations that living threw at them along the way. What was magical about the evening was the love that was evident, for the music, for each other, for the life they have lived together, and for us their audience who was let in for a brief and glorious moment.

The Café Carlyle, opened in 1955, is known for entertaining the well-to-do older crowd with what’s referred to as American Standards. The service, the menu, and the setting steeped in musical history provide an evening to be added to your memories. Please, well to do or not, at some point in your life make this a priority.

Killing me softly with her songs and her presence, Christine and Martin created a sublime evening that was second to none. Though she referred to us as “Suckers for a halfway high note,” her voice has a depth that only a perfectly aged wine can produce, full-bodied, possessing depth, and romantically rich for having been alive. Their song list for the evening was sweeping in that it covered a breadth of music from Berlin, Carmichael, Bacharach, Gershwin, Cahn, Lerner/Loewe, Piaf, Swartz, Maschwitz, and Clint Black.

The Café Carlyle has been a host to many a chanteuse through the years. Some they say happily haunt the place and attend most every night. I believe that Christine Andreas would not be upset if she were to find a place for herself in that company underneath the Marcel Vertès murals. She is oh so there in life, so why not in the after. She would be a welcome addition to that kind of immortality.

Courtesy Cafe Carlyle