By Tulis McCall

Here is a quick tip for you.  Should you have nothing to do tonight, but are feeling a little apartment bound, you would do well to head out into the cols and check out John-Andrew Morrison at 54 Below.

Morrison’s selection of songs covers everyone from Taylor Swift (Snow On The Beach)to Stephen Sondheim (Losing My Mind) to Lizzo (Soulmate) to Harry Warren and Al Dublin (I Only Have Eyes for You).  Each is delivered with style, grace and a little sass on the side. And there are a dozen or so more under the adventuresome musical direction of Drew Wutke and a hot hot musical ensemble.

The evening is elegant and honest.  Morrison wears his heart not only on his sleaze, but wraps it around most of his torso.  In the process he searches out and grabs yours as well.

Get your freezing self over there and you will be warmed up.

More later.

My birthday beckons.

646-476-3551 or