By Elizabeth Ann Foster

Brunch at Chelsea Table + Stage with The Boy Band Project is old-school fun. The fog machine is working overtime, and laser lights are swirling as the boys enter the spiraling staircase in gold glitter jackets and light-up sneakers. Singing The Beatle’s song Let It Be, it quickly feels as if they sing Oh What a Night that you are in the wrong theater – and the Jersey Boys are performing. That all goes the way of the jackets as they bare their chests and start on moves one can only call gyration – Chippendales on steroids.

The Boy Band Project logo. Photo credit: Elizabeth Ann Foster

The Boy Band Project logo. Photo credit: Elizabeth Ann Foster

This was all before anyone took a bite of brunch.

The four boys performing this afternoon were Schyler Conaway, the sporty one dressed in a rhinestone Brooklyn Nike tank, Kit Treece the bad boy, Nic Metcalf, the sensitive one adorned with a diamond stud earring, and the brainchild of the group Travis Nesbitt. This was 4 out of the dozen that rotate and cover world tours, cruise ships, and other venues. If the costume descriptions seem scant, that is because they were.

Mixing it up on stage. Photo credit: Elizabeth Ann Foster

Mixing it up on stage. Photo credit: Elizabeth Ann Foster

Performing songs by boy bands that include NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Hanson, One Direction, 98 Degrees, Boyz II Men, and Jonas Brothers, one doesn’t need to know the songs to enjoy the visual display and energy. There were audience members spanning at least five generations of all persuasions.

Skyler Conaway. Photo credit: Elizabeth Ann Foster

Skyler Conaway. Photo credit: Elizabeth Ann Foster

Skylar Conaway gets a special mention because his mic died not once or twice but three times, and in a Broadway actor smooth move he made the incidents seamless.

They handed working mics to whoever was the lead singer and got one boy to exit the stage, getting batteries without missing a single note or his Elvis Presley pelvic motion.

The set for this afternoon was:

1. Let it be/ OWAN/Tearin/Everybody

2. I Want It That Way

3. Quit Playing Games

4. My Heart Will Go On

5. All I have to give

6. Solo Medley – Just got Paid/Liquid Dreams/Shape of my heart/MMMbop

7. I’ll Make Love to You

8. Dance Mega Mix (I want you back/The Right Stuff/Step By Step/Una Noche/It’s Gonna

be Me)


10. WhatMakesYouBeautiful(full)

11. Story of My Life (Full) + Bows

12. Encore: Byebyebye

T Shirts and More. Photo credit: Elizabeth Ann Foster

T Shirts and More. Photo credit: Elizabeth Ann Foster

They all calmed down and sat on stools and explained that singing from that vantage point is their favorite because it prompts the deepest, darkest emotions. A side screen is constantly adding another dimension to the performers on stage. Beware, there is plenty of audience participation from being brought onstage, playing games -who can sing the following line to this song, and simply chatting about what one was eating.

Given the solemnity of the day of 9/11 and close to ground zero, perhaps a mention or moment of silence may have been appropriate. By the looks of these boys, they were probably crawling around 21 years ago, so events probably were not as traumatizing as for us older folk. Seeing the red laser dot on several of the singer’s foreheads was eerie as the light twirled around the room. The green did not bother me much – red made it too much of a target.

Fun eye candy with talent. Before you know it, the show ends. You feel as if you were in an aerobics class – not only do these boys go to the gym, they work out while there. 

The boys make themselves available after the show to answer questions and autograph their wares including t-shirts and coasters (CDs – an inside joke).

They are a “down-to-earth” group of young gentlemen you simply want to take home.

The Boy Band Project by Travis Nesbitt

With Schyler Conaway, Kit Treece, Nic Metcalf, and Travis Nesbitt.

Tamra Sheehan Dj; Pablo Rossil director; Keaton John sound

Chelsea Table and Stage

$30 plus $4 service. Another $5 is added day of the event at door ticketing. Upcoming shows at this venue are 11/6 and 12/11/2022 at 2 pm.

One hour runtime with no intermission.

The minimum table requirement is two items off the menus (drink or food).

Check The Boy Band Project website for other venues and dates, including their cruise ship performances.

Click HERE for tickets and shows.

Hilton Fashion District Hotel
152 W 26th St
New York, NY 10001

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