By Holli Harms

For 90 minutes Mykal Kilgore at the CHELSEA TABLE + STAGE nourished the souls of all those fortunate to be there. If Stevie Wonder, Roberta Flack, Adele, and Sammy Davis Jr. had a son who then took their amazing inherited talents and recreated them in his own image you would have the astonishing performer Mykal Kilgore, a showman of the highest caliber with a voice that is R&B charged and gospel perfected. That night was the church of Mykal and the audience rousingly participated in call and response, hand clapping roof-raising, becoming born again to what is Kilgore! We who were there at the CHELSEA TABLE + STAGE to witness his music, his humor, his pure joy of sharing his gift, were indeed the lucky ones.

His voice reaches up and dances in the stratosphere, the notes held seamlessly as we happily settled into his hands as he guided the most perfect of evenings. With his rendition of “Killing Me Softly” the room was hold-your-breath still as we listened to one of the most beautiful songs sung by such a gorgeous gorgeous talent.

He is not only a great singer but an appealing storyteller, weaving humorous tales leading us along from one song to another. Telling us how he used a marketing ploy that backfired to advertise his soon-to-be-released song, “The Man In the Barbershop,” had us in stitches, but then he stops talking, opens his mouth, and sings, “I think I’m In love again…” and we all know that we are indeed in love, with Kilgore, he’s brought us into his fold and we are his forever.

His Grammy-nominated song “Let Me Go” which was featured on his debut album, A Man Born Black was the show stopper. I have to share some of the lyrics with you that Mykal sang to us for us: “Fear let me go I got things to do and I have no need for you. Let me go shame. You have no power over my name. The Past it’s time for me to move on and leave you. The child inside of me it’s time to let go and set you free. Let go of the hurt in your heart. Let go of the sadness that keeps you from yourself. Nobody else can do it. Let go of heartache, heartbreak. I leave me with you, soul. You are not half, you are whole. There’s so much in store. Better is coming…Once you let go then you can grow.”

It was just Mykal on stage for the first half of the evening the second half he was joined by his eloquent pianist Basil Wajdowicz. The two of them a marvelous duo.

I have been to CHELSEA TABLE + STAGE several times, all of them excellent performances, and I need to tell you that this was the first time in my experience that the whole place jumped to its feet not once, but twice. A standing, cheering, stomping ovation.

The truth is, the evening was a church of us, all of us, and Mykal was reminding all of us how wonderful we are as individuals and bringing us again back to ourselves.

CHELSEA TABLE + STAGE located at 152 West 26th Street – where every seat is situated to see and hear, where the food is excellent and cocktails perfect. Doors open one hour prior to show time so get there early, order your food and cocktails, and enjoy the atmosphere, you won’t be disappointed.

Tickets are $25-45, in addition to a service charge and a two-item food and beverage minimum. A live stream option is available for $20.