By Ed Kliszus

Tonight, 54 Below presented Kate Baldwin and Aaron Lazar: All For You. The theater was packed, and viewers logged in from Italy, Canada, and the United States. A rhythm section and strings were to provide a lush accompaniment for the singers.

Kate Baldwin from

Kate Baldwin from

From the Audience to the Stage

The audience turned heads to see Baldwin and Lazar moving toward the stage from different places on the audience floor with wireless mics, singing an opening a capella introduction. The orchestra joined in for “One Second and a Million Miles” from The Bridges of Madison County by Jason Robert Brown. They held hands, delivered the song, and embraced.

Baldwin was gorgeous, wearing gold pumps with her red coiffure and curls. She was wrapped in an emerald green, sleeveless, full-length satin gown with a split on the left. Lazar was handsome and suave in a blue suit and gray shirt with a folded handkerchief in his breast pocket.

Aaron Lazar. From

Aaron Lazar. From

Chemistry and Artistry

Notable immediately, Baldwin and Lazar share powerful chemistry and artistic prowess. The audience applauded excitedly as Lazar and Baldwin thanked them and joked about the old disco club that once lived there. They segued into gentle comedic banter where Lazar repeated Baldwin’s words, which evolved into each repeating the other’s credits.

Kate Baldwin and Adam Lazar. From

Kate Baldwin and Adam Lazar. From

That Old Devil Moon and Il Mondo Era Vuoto

Baldwin sang “That Old Devil Moon” from Finian’s Rainbow by Burton Lane and E. Y Harburg. Baldwin noted Lazar’s starring role in the Lincoln Center Production of Light in the Piazza as Fabrizio. Lazar introduced the love song Il Mondo Era Vuoto by Adam Guettel (translated by Judith Blazer) and sang it in Italian to a grateful audience.

Kate Baldwin. From

Kate Baldwin. From

There Once Was a Man

From the Pajama Game, they performed the up tune “There Once Was a Man” by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. Baldwin moved to the bar while Lazar was on stage. Baldwin’s charming performance received excitement, flashing lights, and extended applause.

If Ever I Would Leave You

From Follies, Baldwin sang “Could I Leave You,” a delightful waltz by Stephen Sondheim, dramatically and beautifully performed.

The romance continued with Lazar singing “If Ever I Would Leave You,” from Camelot by Frederick Loewe. His performance was sumptuous, reflective, and romantic.

The duo sang “Seems an Awful Waste” when Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney Todd hatch the macabre plot to address a meat shortage. Baldwin slipped delightfully into an English accent for dramatic effect.

In a song summating how hard one must work to be successful and connect with others. Lazar performed the scene and song “Finishing the Hat” by Sondheim from Sunday in the Park with George.

Aaron Lazar from B and W

Aaron Lazar from

You’ll Never Walk Alone

From Carousel, Baldwin sang “You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Starting with a simple guitar introduction, the string ensemble gently accompanied as our chanteuse enchanted her audience.

Lazar appeared at the bar to mix with some of the patrons. Baldwin called out to remind him that “shots after!” and delivered a quick summary of the plot of Bridges of Madison County.

From Bridges, by Jason Robert Brown, our duo sang passionately as Francesca and Robert, embracing as the lights dimmed and people sighed.

Lights raised a bit, an intro, and Baldwin sang “Always Better” from The Bridges of Madison County by Jason Robert Brown. It was sublime artistry indeed.

I’d Give it All for You

The finale duet was “I’d Give it All for You” by Jason Robert Brown from Songs of a New World.

Jason Robert Brown from

Jason Robert Brown from

Kate Baldwin and Aaron Lazar presented a sentimental, delightful journey through the American Songbook of the best of musical theater. Each song and setting was perfectly characterized, rapturously sung, and sparkling. The duo’s stories and anecdotes were charming and perfectly timed, and their exquisite duets were effervescent, expressive, and poetic. It was an evening of romance and joy! How marvelous to hear them with a complete rhythm section and orchestral strings.

The instrumental arrangements were excellent. Special recognition is due to the 54 Below team for perfectly balanced sound and lighting.

For Kate Baldwin and Aaron Lazar: All For You

Music Director Luke Frazier

The American Pops Orchestra

Piano Luke Frazier

Cello Sean Neidlinger

Concertmaster Alexandra Jenkins Viola Jarvis Benson

double bass Greg Watkins, violin Tiffany Weiss, Guitar David Sanders, Percussion Chris Barrick

For 54 Below

Livestream Director Becky Morris Creative and Programming Director Jennifer Ashley Tepper Lighting director Ashley Kok Sound Supervisor Sarah Goodman Executive Producers Steve Baruch, Richard Frankel, and Tom Viertel.

Kate Baldwin and Aaron Lazar: All For You

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