By Tulis McCall

Alison Leiby has constructed such an intelligent, surprising, direct and unadorned story that you will want to listen.  I promise. Please feel free to pause and go online for your tickets NOW..

Ahem.  Abortion is a stupid word.  We should call it something else.  Alison Leiby knows this for two reasons.  She is one smart cookie.  And she had an abortion.  And she will make you laugh so hard that you bark.

Not only has Leib nothing to hide, she has a boatload of stuff to share with you.  Share as in – these are ideas that would like to make a home in your noggin’ and then you can share.  See how this works?

Leiby delivers her material as if it were just wandering through her head as she is speaking.  We all know the conclusion of the tale so there is no need to rush to get there.  We can take a few detours, as in the fact that Leiby never wanted children.  First of all – she can barely keep plants alive and has no sense of monetary responsibility.  More important, she has seen enough of her friends who are mothers, and it has not gone unnoticed that motherhood is an impossible job.

When she was a kid, the first real role model what Leiby had as Barbie.  A bit stiff as we know – but she had about 40 careers while Ken was treading water as a lifeguard.  Sex was one of those things that was never explained in detail.  Boys and Girls were separated.  Girls were given a list of things to do, to learn, and memorize.  Boys were pretty much left to play with themselves.  In other words – no one talked about what actually happened to girls every month.  Except the gross parts – well, no one talked about those either.  The result was that being female was a mystery and a shame.

Medicine makes no real attempt to help out.  Some birth control causes blood clots.  IUD’s can cause hemorrhaging.  But hey – it’s a tough situation, right?

What about male contraception?  We can create a vaccine that saves hundreds of thousands of lives so how about a contraception that would lay the responsibility of conception on men?  Oh gee –  they would complain about it in that way that guys do. “I ran a marathon ten years ago — let me tell you about it.”  Women spend about six years of their life menstruating and are encouraged to zip it when it comes to complaining — unless it is just us gals of course.

Pregnancy is a constant in a woman’s life.  Our decisions around that subject define us.  First we are afraid.  Then we wonder “if”.  Then we decide.  Choosing not to have children is a kind of branding.  Tick-tock tick-tick goes OUR clock.  If we choose not to – who are we?  And if we choose to have children are we anything more without multi-tasking up the wazoo?  Either way, women are defined by their motherhood.  Men, rarely – and in any case they are not the bearers, the producers.  On a good day they are the partners, which does not define them.

By stepping back from this responsibility Leiby has freed herself up to be an observer as well as a participant.  She walks through the chaos and wreckage we in this country have made over the argument of who has control of women.  She is aloof and involved and funny-smart at the same time.

She is sympathetic, empathetic, thoughtful, cryptic, specific, transparent, and fucking funny when we don’t see it coming.

Oh, right — just lake a damn woman.

Leiby comes to no conclusion other than the conclusion of her tale.

“I had an abortion, And it was all okay.”  The Senate was not made aware.  DItto Justice Alito, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott.  And still, it was all okay.

Fancy that.

GO-GO-GO-GO — Get your butt over to the Cherry Lane Theatre.

Oh God, A Show About Abortion,  written and performed by Alison Leiby, Directed by Lila Neugebauer

Lighting design by Amina Alexander, sound design by Margaret Montagna.

Thourgh June 4


PS — Ms. Leiby does not hesitate to spread the word for friends and organizations.


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