By Holli Harms

The powers of a song; the lyrics and inflections, and a voice, a performer who can harness those powers so astutely, so precisely, with clarity and ease, is “Dreamin’ Again” at the Pangea and starring creator and performer, the affable, marvelous, and mischievous Tim Connell. Tim is in full form as he captivates hearts and minds in song after song. His rendition of “It Only Takes A Moment” is show-stopping, he will have you tapping your toes to Jason Mraz’s “Remedy”. Tim delivers an intro to each song that is both personal and universal creating surprise and wit as the music surrounds you, settling into your very being.

His pianist and collaborator, James Followell, is music perfection (who wouldn’t want a piano accompanist with that name). The sounds from the piano fill every inch of the Pangea’s lovely intimate space. Followell’s ivory tickling is another voice adding both depth and light to Connell’s. It is collaboration at its finest and each song they harmonize is given a new impact on our world.

“Bless the Beasts & The Children” has the lyric “Bless the beasts and the children for they have no voice.” That lyric and the entire song speak so much to the world today.

His songs cover Irving Berlin to Jason Mraz, Cole Porter, Billy Joel, Jerry Herman and so many more. These are the best of the best of American songwriters. Songs of love, songs of hope, and songs that question the times we are living in. Such as the question of how do we communicate with one another? Face to face? Nope – we use text and email and Instagram and Facebook, and all of this can make our heads spin. Connell puts all that into sharp focus with his twist on Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes”. A brilliant hilarious cover of a classic standard.

Bring a friend, a spouse, bring the other who means so much and enjoy the show, and the wonderful space and food of Pangea.

“Dreamin’ Again” Creator/performer Tim Connell
Musical director, James Followell Directed by Steven Petrillo,

For reservations call: 212-995-0900 or Pangea is at 178 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10003.

Tickets: $20 online, $25 (cash) at the door. $20 food/Drink Minimum

“Dreamin’ Again” at New York City’s Pangea, Tuesday, Nov. 2 & Saturday, Nov. 27 at 7 PM

Running Time: 85 minutes