By Tulis McCall

This is a last minute invitation for those of you who can use a shot in the arm of “It’s going to be all right”.  Barbara Bleier and Austin Pendleton are completing their too short run at Pangea this evening.  Under the direction of Barbara Maier Gustern and with the musical talents of Paul Greenwood, this evening is a gift to anyone in the audience.

The songs are old fashioned and hokey – and I can use a lot of that these days.  The evening begins with “Flag Song” (Stephen Sondheim) and it is as bare bones patriotic as you can get.  It is reminds us of those thoughts we used to have before we all got ripped apart by stupid people saying stupid things and being lauded for it.  We are also informed that it was dropped from the musical “Assassins” and will be restored to the production now in previews at Classic Stage Company.

They tell us they didn’t mean for the show to be political but then realized that everything IS these days.  And we are off to “America” (Simon and Garfunkel) which, when sung by a man with some mileage under his belt, has a whole new flavor.  Ditto “Taxi” (Harry Chapin) which these two perform with just the right touch of nostalgia.

Pendleton and Bleier are veterans who know what to do with a song – they turn it into a story. And each story takes us on its particular journey.  “Wheels” (Amanda McBroom) moves through an entire lifetime with sensitivity and grace.  “If I Loved You” (Rogers and Hammerstein)reminds us all of the times we spent avoiding love and life.

There are hilarious songs, thoughtful songs, haunting and hopeful songs.  All performed with artistry and a light touch.  It is an evening that will get under your skin, no matter how tough that hide of yours is.

Walk-Ins are welcome or call for a reservation: $20 and $20 minimum.

PANGEA   178 Second Avenue at 11th Street.212-995-0900