We’re thrilled that writer/producer Sam Johnson (WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, FRASIER, BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD, HOT IN CLEVELAND, etc., etc.) is joining us for the one year anniversary of our improv/writing show, WRITE AWAY!
Please be a part of the fun by clicking the registration button below.

Our intrepid playwrights have 45 minutes to write a brand-new play, entirely based on audience suggestions. While they’re hard at work, you’re taking part in our fantastic Writer’s Jam and having a blast meeting new people and exploring your creativity with a series of fun spontaneous writing exercises. Then, the playwrights come back, take roles in each others’ plays, and perform them as cold-readings for the audience. What could they have written in just 45 minutes? Find out at our upcoming performance of Write Away! It’s a show. It’s a jam. It’s the best of both worlds! ​

Kenn Adams
Mike Durkin
Sam Johnson
Kat Koppett
Lisa Thompson
Laura Livingston and Laura Valpey

This is a free event but attendance is limited to just 80 people and advanced registration is required. Please use the button below to register Write Away!