Tra La…It’s May!

Full -blown Spring has knocked on my door. My roses, floozies that they are, are dancing in the front yard.

One of the strange blessings of this past lock down year has been the fact that I have had to stay home and tend to my garden.

(I counted how many pairs of pants I have worn this entire year…FOUR…two pairs of garden jeans and two pairs of sweat pants. Now that there seems to be an opening up of sorts, bringing, hopefully, concerts and warbling, will I remember how to wear high heels and put on eye make-up. Can anyone else identify?)

Now that Spring is here, I feel changes in the air, in my attitude, in my hope quotient. So I put down the paper, turn off the news, and head to the garden to get really dirty and smell the perfume of now.

Ironic then that I have been traveling back in song-writer time to some of my oldies-but-goodies, looking for more Buried Treasures.

The Other Side Of My Heartbeat was written and recorded in the 80’s…ye Gods… and wonderfully sung by a very dear and talented friend of mine named Mara Getz.

It is a demo. The arrangement is definitely 80’s, (which, I have to admit, was my favorite music period.)

With Love  & Music,