In a move that brings live theater to the people when they can’t come inside and sit down, The Gene Frankel Theatre and The Producers Circle will present a window-box production of Mary Goggin’s multiple award-winning solo work, “Runaway Princess, a Hopeful Tale of Heroin, Hooking and Happiness.”  “Runaway Princess…” – winner of 2019 Galway Fringe Festival – will play three Sundays this spring in the showcase window at 24 Bond Street, NYC, the location of the historic Gene Frankel Theatre. The audience will be able to attend the show from the sidewalk outside the theater. LAST PERFORMANCE May 2nd at 3:PM EST. The performances will help benefit the Gene Frankel Theatre, which has been unable to operate its performance and rehearsal spaces since March 2020.

“Blew me away. Rowdy, irreverent, salacious, gracious, insightful, riveting. “
Malachy McCourt, Author and Actor, Irish American Writers and Artists

In “Runaway Princess…” Goggin, a writer/actor and former professional call girl, shares a true story of Irish Catholicism, sex and addiction, and eventual redemption. The tale is laced with humor and pathos and a multitude of characters she encountered along the way to ultimately finding joy. “Runaway Princess,” directed by Dan Ruth, swept up three 2018 United Solo awards (Best Storyteller, Solo Critics Choice, Best Seller), before its sensational run at Galway Fringe in 2019. The show won the “Fringiest” Award at the Baltimore Fringe in 2019.

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Mary Goggin is the daughter of Irish immigrants to NYC. She grew up in the Bronx and, chafing against the confines of Catholicism and “Catholic guilt,” ran away to the East Village of Manhattan and eventually became addicted to drugs and alcohol. In her journey, she acquired a pimp, worked at the Mustang Ranch (a famous house of ill repute near Las Vegas), and eventually had a daughter, the circumstance that saved her life. A Catholic nun at a retreat prompted a series of awakenings that pointed Goggin towards acting. After many years as a prostitute and a drug addict in recovery, she won a scholarship to study acting at Marymount Manhattan College and she has worked exclusively as a stage, film and TV actress since 1999. Goggin has now been sober 33 years.

Recently, Goggin has been employing “Runaway Princess…” to bring awareness to human trafficking, working with the Empowerment Collaborative of Long Island and Suffolk County Police Department and their Anti-Trafficking Initiative (SCATI), among other organizations. Her mission is to promote healing from the stigma of addiction through video and virtual performances and talk backs. You can see a talkback from ECLI Event here.

She is a grantee of Fractured Atlas.

The Producers Circle was founded in 2018 with the goal of providing exceptional, high-quality programming and discovering, nurturing and promoting new talent.

Gene Frankel was the force behind the organization which has been an incubator for new works and actors since 1949. (Frankel was also the founder of the Mercer Arts Center in Soho, along with Viveca Lindfors, Rip Torn, Steina and Woedy Vasulka, and several others.) The building at 24 Bond—the Gene Frankel Theatre location since 1989—has been a center for independent thinkers in the New York City arts scene since the late 60s. The space housed Sam Rivers’ avant-garde jazz loft Studio Rivbea. Robert Mapplethorpe kept his studio on the fifth floor until his death in 1989. In 2008, the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission recognized Bond Street as a historic district. Gail Thacker—who was Gene Frankel’s assistant—has resisted the gentrification that has transformed the area in recent years. Serving as the GFT’s artistic director with Thomas Gordon, she has created a stage in the theatre’s window for new adventures in theatre and performance art. Please help us continue with Gene’s legacy in support of artists like Mary Goggin.