Carnegie Hall’s “Voices of Hope”


is proud to be a presentation partner in

Carnegie Hall’s Voices of Hope festival April 16-30.

Early this year, we put out a call for submissions exploring the link between creativity and resilience. We did so as one of forty-plus cultural and academic institutions across New York City and beyond partnering with Carnegie Hall’s first-ever digital festival, Voices of Hope.

You heard us, you responded, and out of all the submissions, we have selected thirty essays to feature as part of the festival lineup. Every evening from April 16-30, you can go online to Read650 at 6:50 pm EDT to hear personal, five-minute stories exploring how creativity helps people confront profound challenges, from sickness and death to the global pandemic and social and racial unrest. Don’t worry about logging on exactly at 6:50 pm every night; the entire series will be available online (details to follow)

While you’re online, check out the full slate of festival programming—all of it free—that’s available through the Voices of Hope website. Performers include Rhiannon Giddens, the Kronos Quartet, Ute Lemper, Jordi Savall, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and so many other amazingly talented performers.

Your investment in our mission to promote writers makes everything possible, and we can’t do it without you. Thank you for your encouragement and support, and please continue to stay safe during this challenging time.

Edward McCann • Read650 founder & editor