Dear friends,
You’re invited to attend a fundraiser performance of my newest theater piece, which will be streamed around the world next Saturday evening, February 13.
BLESSINGS FROM THE PANDEMIC is a poetry cycle responding to the events of the last year: the big, the small, the humorous, the challenging, and even the inspiring.
Since you may want more than just MY opinion about the show, here are five from artistic directors of theaters around the country who have presented the play to their audiences:
“Our audience thought it was enchanting
and wanted more!”
Christopher Bremer
Executive Director
JET Theatre, Michigan
“Rich Orloff’s rich, heartfelt and
sometimes humorous reflections give voice
to the full rage of emotions we are all experiencing,
and like all good theater,
it touches our minds hearts and souls.”
Audrey Heller
Artistic Director
Jewish Theatre of Bloomington
“A delightful, thought-provoking
and inspirational show”
Fran Pesch
Artistic Director
Young at Heart Players, Dayton
“A candle in the darkness,
shining its light on the blessings
we enjoy in the little things of everyday life”
Hal Schneider
Artistic Director
Central Massachusetts Jewish Theatre Company
“Rich Orloff’s refreshing, life-affirming BLESSINGS
is a welcome antidote for what ails us.”
Faye Sholiton
Artistic Director
Interplay Jewish Theatre, Cleveland
100% of the income from this fundraiser is going to Romemu, an eclectic Jewish community dedicated to opening body, heart, mind and spirit. The performance begins at 7 pm EST and is preceded at 6:30 by a half-hour of prayer and song. After the performance will be a dance party!
You’re welcome to attend at 6:30 or join the event at 7 p.m. (or anytime between). Hope to virtually see you next Saturday!
Rich Orloff
To make a reservation, click HERE.
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