Review by David Walters

“Everything’s not fine. We don’t have good times.”

If you happen to remember, just a bit farther back, that time you felt, “somewhere between sourdough and losing our minds,” then Capsule may be the right pill for you.

Have you wanted to put words to your feelings during Covid time (“I can’t cry anymore.”)? Have you wanted to have someone else put what you’re experiencing out in the open so you can say, “Yes! They understand. I feel that way too?” (“I’ve begun to wear corsets.”)

A Public Theater commissioned piece starring Whitney White and Peter Mark Kendall, co-directed by Taibi Maga and Tyler Dobrowsky, and shot be Jess Coles in November of 2020, with material assembled from earlier in the year. This music video experience covers our shared Covid isolation while the world outside was/is in turmoil and what we all felt during that time (but only if you have been lucky enough not to have gotten Covid, if then, you will wish this was your experience). With the speed of changing events over this past year, each new hell (and there were plenty, piling one on top of the other) only focused our isolation, both from the insanity of the world and amongst ourselves.

Capsule is a small encapsulated period of a friendship between old school friends as it deepened and faced challenges. A capsule in time.

What brings us together when we can’t be together and what holds us together when we are able to connect?

Again, I’ve asked this before, how do we make theater, a live temporal art form that requires assemblage, when we have none of that? Filming a live performance doesn’t do it.  I’ve seen great Zoom performances. I’ve see great filming of shows on stage.  But none of it is theater.  We do what we can with what we have.  It does not diminish the art of the creator(s).

Considering their talents, Whitney and Peter have created a music video about our experience during Covid. It stays away from the political maelstrom, but touches so many other things that we’ve been experiencing and exploring, what holds us together as we’re spending time on this planet.

You will be personally challenged during the watching.  Challenged by what you do, how you do it, what you think, and how you think it. For, “tomorrow is at stake.”

“Ultimately, we’re all so exposed and vulnerable right now. How do you feel safe enough to share? Because it costs to share.” Whitney White

The Public Theater Under the Radar Series

January 6-17, 2021(Running Time: 50 Minutes)
Streaming On-Demand at
By Whitney White and Peter Mark Kendall (U.S.)
Directed and Produced by Taibi Magar and Tyler Dobrowsky