All Actor’s Equity members are invited to eat now, and pay later (if they can) at Bouillon Marseille and Nizza


Simon Oren, Chef Andy D’Amico, and Robert Guarino are feeding the community that has fed them all these years. Starting Monday, October 12, from 9pm every night of the week, anyone with an Actor’s Equity card can eat for free (not incl. drinks, and gratuity) at their bistro Bouillon Marseille and Italian inspired Nizza both located at 630 Ninth Avenue (44th Street).
For the past 20 years these restaurants have been the home of many actors pre and post performances. Now, as the industry is decimated due to Covid-19, the three partners want to make sure that the arts community stays well fed. The restaurant will keep a house account for each person who dines, and when the theater returns to New York, and actors start working again, the amount owed can be paid off as slowly or quickly as possible, if at all. This sense of giving is exactly what is needed during this time, when humanity needs to kick in, and help each other survive during this pandemic.