NEW YORK, July 31, 2020 – On Thursday, August 20th, 2020 at 3:00 pm EST, which promotes networking, storytelling and diverse news via media related projects on diversity, inclusion, and equity, will honor the history that must not be forgotten – the day (August 20) when enslaved Africans landed in 1619 and the legacy of Black women who advanced the women’s movement well before the 1920s vote.
The virtual conversation, “Inclusion Always Matters: How to Navigate the New ‘Now,’” aims to inspire people today to separate fact from fiction as they engage in social action and learn about history.
The event will feature a range of voices from New York to New England and across the U.S. who offer solutions to dismantle systemic racism, promote inclusion that matters and identify new trends shaping diverse communities. Invited speakers includes luminaries such as Jean Denton Thompson – one of the many Freedom Riders during the Civil Rights Movement, the Black Shopping Networks founder Janice McLean Deloatch and Emmy-award winning journalist Carol Jenkins, Co-President and CEO of The ERA Coalitionwho will discuss her work regarding the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), among others.
“The conversation will highlight, important, ‘need-to-know’ history and share actions we can take in the new ‘now’ to do better and be better within this time of COVID-19 pandemic, the murder of George Floyd, and the death of U.S. Representative John Lewis,” said Janine Fondon, President and CEO of – who will moderate with her daughter, Nikai Fondon. “In addition, the event will offer new insights on the less known history and provide a different lens to examine the new narratives needed to drive inclusion and equity as well as usher in the new ‘now’.”
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