Monologues and Madness, now beginning our Fourteenth year, is returning from the comfort of our homes to the comfort of yours.  Let us bring a little levity into your lives.  After all, we miss you!

For those of you unfamiliar with us – here is a wonderful write up by Stephen Mosher from

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Tulis McCall has a series, formerly at PANGEA, called Monologues and Madness, and though it isn’t a night of stand-up comedy, many of the monologues performed are very humorous. The evening is an open mic night where writers bring their new pieces and perform them for one another. It is an essential part of the cabaret scene and you can always get a great MONOLOGUE out of it.  You can see one by Tulis by clicking the link.


NEXT WEEK on April 22nd at 6:00 PM we will join the legions of Live Streamers and present out first Monologues and Madness on YouTube and Facebook.

Link to watch the broadcast on YouTube:
Link to watch the broadcast on Facebook:

Featured Guests:

Robert Creighton (Frozen, Cagney)
Sidney Meyer (Don’t Tell Mama)
Angelina Fiordelisi (Cherry Lane Theatre)

But WAIT! There’s More!:

Margret Echeverria
Gordon A. Gilbert Jr.
Taffy Jaffe
Terria Joseph
Carl Kissin
Katie Kopajtic
Tulis McCall
Flash Rosenberg
Lee Sachs
Michael Zettler