Music is magic. Music is healing. Music is for every moment – especially this one. So let’s make some, every week.

Everything The Public Theater does is, and always has been, about making connections between you and our artists. And we are committed to continuing that work – starting right now, with our iconic cabaret venue, Joe’s Pub.

Joe’s Pub is thrilled to announce a weekly series of live-streamed performances: JOE’S PUB LIVE!

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at 8PM, join us on YouTube Live as we share free, live-streamed and archived performances from our iconic cabaret stage.

This week’s schedule of performances will feature:

Michelle J. Rodriguez
MICHA Música
Tune in on YouTube
Thursday, March 19 at 8PM
Tori Scott 
Tori Scott is Overserved
Tune in on YouTube
Friday, March 20 at 8PM
Migguel Anggelo 
Tune in on YouTube
Saturday, March 21 at 8PM
For the most up to date information, please visit our calendar.

All three of these performances come to you straight from the Joe’s Pub archives, and represent just a taste of our incredible artistic community. We can’t offer these artists a stage, but we can do our best to support them and share their work with all of you. In lieu of purchasing tickets, please consider showing your support for Joe’s Pub and The Public Theater’s community of artists.

And tune in each week for more music, art and joy!

*Like all Joe’s Pub shows all ages are welcome, but please be aware that performances may include adult language and topics.

All three performances were filmed prior to the stream. MICHA Música was filmed on February 28, 2020; Tori Scott is Overserved was filmed on November 12, 2018; LatinXOXO was filmed on November 6, 2018