A note from Jay Leonhart.
Hello All!
If you don’t need to hear from me, the West End Avenue semi-quarantined bass player, I recommend you find the unsubscribe button and click it 50 times. I won’t be hurt. I truly understand.
But for those of you who still need to know what your local (or not so local) bassist is doing then by all means stay on the list.
I am performing a Youtube live stream every night at 7PM. I am searching for the proper link so you can just click and watch if you want. This link in advance of the broadcast is very hard to find and establish.
Anyway, I had a lot of fun last night. Lots of people texted me right there on the live stream site and I got to answer them whilst live streaming.
I sang some of my songs and took requests, but I kept playing anyway.
But I did not provide the proper link. May be this is it. JayLeonhart Live from 585.
Thank you and wear your latex gloves at home. Keeps hands from drying out from constant washing. Wash you hands with the gloves on, and keep them on.
THE FACEBOOK link is this: https://www.facebook.com/jay.leonhart.33