Review by David Walters

Do see Fires in the Mirror at the Pershing Square Signature Center (480 W. 42nd Street). Running October 22 – December 15.

This revival of Anna Deavere Smith‘s docu-theatre is vibrant, entirely engrossing and hard-hitting, revealing numerous aspects of a multi-faceted class and race incident.  The Crown Heights riots of 1991 are examined through the truths of 29 characters and their viewpoints illuminate not only the event but our outlooks and behaviors that still play out today.  See full review at New York Theatre Guide here.

Conceived, written and originally performed by Anna Deavere Smith, exquisitely directed by Shaheem Ali, participatory scene design by Arnulfo Maldonado and starring the indomitable Michael Benjamin Washington in a stellar performance.

The run time is 1 hour 50 minutes without an intermission.