By Tulis McCall

This is one of those shows whose premise you cannot make up.  Scotland, PA is a musical parody of The Tragedy Of Macbeth.

What could possibly go wrong?  Other than everything.  Well THAT is not entirely true.  The cast for this show is outstanding.  Great acting chops, sublime voices, and a grit to get the job done.  A total delight watching them.  Except for the fact that they were in this show.

Follow me here.  A mild mannered couple stuck in dead end jobs at the local burger joint get it into their heads (mostly hers) to do whatever it takes to get up a few rungs on the ladder that their present employer has denied them.  An accident turns into one new burger joint named – wait for it – McBeth’s.  There follows more murder, mayhem, death and destruction.  Sort of like a car accident from which you cannot turn away.

Spare yourselves.

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Scotland, PA – Book By Michael Mitnick; Based on the film by Billy Morrissette

Inspired by The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare; Music & Lyrics By Adam Gwon; Directed By Lonny Price

Choreographed By Josh Rhodes; Set Design by Anna Louizos; Costumes by Tracy Christensen; Lighting by Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew; Sound by Jon Weston

With Jeb Brown, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Taylor Iman Jones, Lacretta, Megan Lawrence, Ryan Mccartan, Will Meyers, Wonu Ogunfowora, David Rossmer, Alysha Umphress, Kaleb Wells