Month: August 2019

FEMPIRE A work in progress

She looks for the patriarchy to help to no avail and dreams of angels, messengers – yes, sisters – to come to her aid.  And they do come with their own experiences to share and insights to offer.  The flow is gorgeously seamless between clowning and dance.

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Sea Wall/A Life

Theater is a collaborative art. Unlike writing or painting, you can’t do it alone.  The reason why “Sea Wall/A Life” moved from The Public Theater Off Broadway to The Hudson Theater on Broadway recently is that Tom Sturridge and Jake Gyllenhaal discovered something they hadn’t realized while performing at The Public.  This production of “Sea Wall/A Life” turns out to be a collaboration between the performers and the audience.  Sensitive direction by Carrie Cracknell has obliterated the fourth wall and created a space where memories can be shared with safety and acceptance. 

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