By Elizabeth Ann Foster

If you ever see Travis Moser’s name come up on a marquee, treat yourself and get a ticket. His latest project (June 20 at The Green Room) is a homage to Linda Ronstadt. Moser shows up copying Ronstadt’s cover from her album Living in the USA. In the promotional materials he is featured complete with roller skates. Realizing how dangerous they are to navigate, and why Ronstadt is pictured holding onto the walls in skates to steady herself on the album cover, he thought the better of putting skates on for the evening’s performance. Probably not the best ensemble to wear going up stage stairs in the Green Room 42 venue.

Moser is funny, energetic, approachable and talented. Asking the audience “Do you like my pants?” made everyone looked around at each other amused. Pants, more like pantyhose. It looked Moser was dipped in black latex from his bellybutton down. A sheer net t-shirt and sequined baseball jacket completed the look. Attention seeking and mission complete.

Moser wanted to showcase all the genres Ronstadt mastered which included rock, pop, folk, country rock, country, art rock, hard rock, soft rock, mariachi and latin. Kicking of the set with “Still Within the Sound of My Voice” he reminisced how he first encountered her work. Not to date Moser, but he sent away to Columbia House Records, using a magazine ad to pick 6 records for a penny. He chose Ronstadt randomly. When he heard Ronstadt’s voice a new fan was minted. Moser then sang the production namesake “Just one Look” that had the audience singing along.

Each of the guest artists performed a duo of Ronstadt songs. “Barefoot” Cathy Cervenka, as she dubbed herself, after breaking her heel on the way to the show and ditching her shoes, belted out “When Will I Be Loved” and “How Do I make You.” Next Jack Bartholet, a young Elvis look alike, performed “Tracks of my Tears” and “Colorado.” Bartholet also performs at Pangea (the home of Monologues and Madness)Molly Pope was hysterical with her rendition of “Love is a Rose”.  She first learned it as a ten-year old singing her then then 24-year old brother’s mature lyrics: “Got a Bugger In Your Nose and You better Not Pick It.” Daryl Glenn or “Fringe” as the audience called him, due to his fringed cowboy shirt, completed the guest sets with “I Don’t Know Much” and “Blue Bayou.”

The last number performed by all, including the audience, was “Somewhere Out There.” Everyone was standing, swaying and thoroughly entertained. It was fun to remember, for those of old enough to, all the different songs from Ronstadt we had grown up with however you may have discovered her. After the evening a few new fans were initiated.

Green Room 42 is a great new venue for cabaret and other shows at the Yotel Hotel. The food was excellent with great variety and the staff was gracious and efficient.

Travis Moser’s Just One Look: The Songs of Linda Ronstadt written and performed by Travis Moser.

With:  Molly Pope, Cathy Cervenka, Jack Bartholet and Daryl Glenn

MUSICIANS Drew Wutke (piano and musical director), Joseph Wallace(bass), Hajime Yoshida (guitar), Derek Swink (drums), Tim Kelly (steel guitar).

The Green Room 42 at the Yotel Hotel, 570 10thAvenue, 4thfloor, New York, New York 10036.

646-449-7792  for schedule: Venue doors open at 5:00pm. $20 no minimum.