By Donna Herman

If you haven’t heard of the playwright Luis Alfaro or the director Chay Yew – you’ve been served.  Their new collaboration Mojada, an updated re-telling of the Greek legend of Medea, is now playing at The Public Theater through August 11th.  Alfaro has turned his Medea (Sabina Zúñiga Varela) into a young Mexican wife and mother who, with her husband Jason (Alex Hernandez), son and nurse, crosses the border illegally into the United States.  The story is as heart-wrenching and affecting as the original and highlights the struggles of women illegal immigrants to survive and thrive in a baffling new country.  Read my full review here and don’t miss it.

Mojada by Luis Alfaro; directed by Chay Yew

WITH:  Sabina Zúñiga Varela (Medea); Socorro Santiago (Tita); Benjamin Luis McCracken (Acan); Alex Hernandez (Jason); Vanessa Aspillaga (Luisa); Ada Maris (Pilar)

Scenic Design by Arnulfo Maldonado; Costume Design by Haydee Zelideth; Lighting Design by David Weinder; Sound Design by Mikhail Fiksel; Projection Design by Stephen Mazurek; Hair Style Consultant & Wig Designer, Earon Chew Healey; Fight & Intimacy Designer, UnkleDave’s Fight-House; Production Stage Manager, Buzz Cohen; Stage Manager, Luisa Sanchez Colon.  Presented by The Public Theater, 425 Lafayette Street.  For Tickets visit: