Month: July 2019

Midsummer: A Banquet

An immersive staging of the Shakespeare comedy with a five-course tasting menu. Storytelling for and with at least five of the senses. A Midsummer Night’s Dream in every sense of the expression.

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Little Gem

In a series of interweaving monologues, three women representing three generations of one family let us into their lives, as they face old pain, present irony and new challenges. As is so often the case in Irish storytelling, just when you’re on the verge of tears, you find yourself laughing.

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Broadway Bounty Hunter — the noisy musical comedy at the Greenwich House Theater –is the theatrical rendition of “Go Big or Go Home!”  Nowhere is there a flimsier premise: aging Broadway actress is recruited to be a martial arts bounty hunter.  I won’t tell you the premise works; it’s just that the show is so much fun, and the performers so winning, and the production so acute.  I’m saying GO

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Monologues & Madness



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