by Edward Kliszus

This marvelous venue in beautiful Neidorff-Karpati Hall at the Manhattan School of Music concluded a three week festival featuring dance choreography set to the music of J. S. Bach performed by the Orchestra of St. Luke’s, conducted by Donald York. This amalgamation of the magnificent post-Renaissance music of J. S. Bach and brilliant choreography of Paul Taylor and Margie Gillis presented a stunning visual and aural characterization of the German Affektenlehre.  Dances emoted powerfully the expressive visionary import of Bach’s brilliant oeuvre within and beyond the scope of affects identified by René Descartes  and others as admiration, love, desire, hatred, joy, sorrow, and jealousy.

Akin to music of the late Baroque, dances were symmetrical, complex and sequential. Contrapuntal interplay between the characters was finely crafted, passionate, subtle, and evocative. The delight of the music unfolded into beautiful visual imagery. Wonderfully adorned costuming by Santo Loquasto showed attention to detail like the Greek key pattern appropriately symbolizing the eternal course of life, or perhaps the flow of music, beauty, dance and movement. Lighting design by Jennifer Tipton helped create the sparkling transcendent atmosphere of rich motion, vibrant sounds, and pathos.

We were fortunate to experience Margie Gillis’ world premiere of her choreographic work entitled Rewilding. She skillfully incorporated the magnificence of Bach’s music into her theme of weaving our wildness with experiential wisdom.  Her philosophical relevance was well supported by Bach’s contrapuntal linear mastery.

An appreciative adoring audience stood often and clapped much. The retirement announcement of beloved principal dancer Michael Trusnovec added to emotive impact of the afternoon, particularly as the stage was flooded with flowers tossed from the audience as he took his final bows.

This was another superb Paul Taylor Dance Company and Orchestra of St. Luke’s collaboration. Music and dance lovers will be looking forward to the new artistic director Michael Novak’s work in his “Celebrate the Dancemaker” series from October 28th through November 17, 2019, in the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center.

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Runtime: With 3 intermissions about 130 minutes.