By Tulis McCall

In Proof Of Love, Constance Daley (Brenda Pressley) is “as close as you can get to a WASP while being black.” She is immaculate in her presentation and in her well-ordered life.  The fact that she is nearly estranged from her daughter is a deep wound that she treats as a mere annoyance.  She knows better in all manner of ways – the correct way to speak, the correct way to carry herself.  Until her husband winds up in a car accident and she discovered that she doesn’t know anything about anything.

To be completely honest, I cannot tell where the problem of proof rests – there is plenty of problem to spread around.  Read full review HERE

PROOF OF LOVE by Chisa Hutchinson; directed by Jade King Carroll

WITH Brenda Pressley

The creative team for Proof of Love includes Alexis Distler (scenic design), Jen Caprio (costume design), Mary Louise Geiger (lighting design), Justin Ellington (sound design), and Nikiya Mathis (hair and wig design). 

Audible Theater in association with New York Theatre Workshop presents Proof of Love at the Minetta Lane Theatre. through June 16.