By Tulis McCall

The premise of Mara Nelson-Greenberg’s play “Do You Feel Anger?” is this: a woman is hired as an empathy coach at a debt collection agency.  That is my kind of plot. This is hysterical.  Creating a story out of such a premise would seem like child’s play.  This is an idea looking for Steve Martin or better yet, Jordan Peele.  Oh the ideas that come to mind!   What would the crafty coach come up with to smack some empathy into these people who have the crappiest job in the world?  Too bad for us that this author chose to explore none of the fun, little of the danger, and all of the drab and dull.  So much so that I DID feel anger.  I think, however, that the question was meant for the characters.  Oops. For the full review click here.

Do You Feel Anger? – by Mara Nelson-Greenberg; DIrected by Margot Bordelon

WITH  Tom Aulino, Ugo Chukwu, Megan Hill, Greg Keller, Justin Long, Jeanne Sakata, and Tiffany Villarin.

The design team includes scenic design by Laura Jellinek, costume design by Emilio Sosa, lighting design by Marie Yokoyama, and sound design by Palmer Hefferan.

Tickets for DO YOU FEEL ANGER? can be purchased online at, by phone at 212-353-0303, or in person at 108 East 15th Street.  Running time 90 minutes.