Month: April 2019

Lady in the Dark

Victoria Clark carries Lady in the Dark in a hearftfelt portrayal of a successful working woman at an emotional crossroads. In this classic working woman vs. wife tale – a narrative destined to be told and retold in every generation – Kurt Weill’s music evokes both drama and dreamworld.

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O’Brien’s All My Sons doesn’t add new insight to the classic.  Though still incredibly relevant to today’s audiences, the piece feels aged and dated in this production and doesn’t find a full life. 

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Link Link Circus

Within minutes of entering the stage and swooping her dog Pan, wearing the first costume of the night, up into her arms, Isabella Rossellini tells us, This show is a theatrical conference on the subject of “Can animals think, feel, and have emotions?” That about sums it up.

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While Ink is truly a cautionary tale, James Graham gives us more —  a singular story of a specific time and place — the significant birthing of tabloid journalism, bare-breasted, and balls-out, as Fleet Street and, specifically, Murdock’s Sun, delivered it in 1969.  And yes, the rest, as they say, is history.  You can engage the “what ifs” and the “but fors” — but Ink is powered by the inevitability of the thing — if not Murdock, another.  If not Trump, another.

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