Announcing the new home of Tulis McCall’s acclaimed salon venue, Monologues & Madness, now at The Pangea (formerly at the Cornelia Street Café since 2007). I highly recommend this unique, original and most enjoyable experience.

This is the avant-garde Rive Gauche, the 27 rue de Fleurus, where Gertrude Stein validated the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, and Ezra Pound.

This week’s event was delightful, challenging, thought provoking, vibrant, humorous and engaging. McCall’s historical Greenwich Village venue was in full force as it presented a revolving cadre of fun loving artists, authors, and intellectuals like Holli Harms, Alice Klugherz, Carl Kissin, Katie Kopajtic, Margaret Echeverria, Francesca RizzoFlash Rosenberg, and Michael Zettler. Along with these luminaries, neophyte creatives each performed their four minute experimental oeuvre in a mutually beneficent setting.

The theme for this evening’s performances was birthdays and tonight was coincidentally McCall’s anniversaire. Performers and listeners alike gushed in tribute to their grande maîtresse. Her own performance displayed her usual sublime wit, charm, and personal brilliance. She touched her audience and shepherded them into her expressive pathos.

In this rich performance space one can reach back in time, breathe deeply, and experience McCall’s recapturing of the poignant Greenwich Village mystique previously promulgated at places like Bleecker Street’s Le Figaro Café, which was frequented by the likes of Bob Dylan, Lenny Bruce and Jack Kerouac.

Monologues & Madness is presented on the first Monday of each month at The Pangea from 6-8 pm and is located on 2ndAve. at E. 10thSt. It offers up a variety of Italian and Mediterranean favorites and has been serving delicious fare for 25 years. A local favorite of the artistic literati, one can view the magnificent work of renowned local artist Willam (Bill) Engelon display since 2012. Don’t miss it!